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   From Mother Regan

There are so few places in our lives where we hold collective ownership—it’s hard enough to share ownership with just one spouse or partner, right?! Yet church is exactly that: a space possessed by all who endeavor in it. As we move into Pentecost, the birthday of the church, it is good to take a moment to reflect on what church really is.

Foremost, the church is God’s mission in the world. Our single most important task as the Body of Christ in Christ’s church is to work toward enacting God’s Kingdom. We do this by practicing Kingdom principles in worship and in our daily lives. We do this by evangelizing Christ’s message about the Kingdom of God that we are bringing and inviting others to become part of this collective story of salvation. We do this by living faithfully into Christ’s teachings about selfless Love, paradoxical worldviews, and effective community.


How we manage the church directly relates to our spiritual journey. How we live in community directly affects our success in enacting God’s Kingdom. And our collective ownership of the church is how we practice all this. Over the past several months, I have seen firsthand how beautifully a community can work together for God’s mission. And while there is always work to do—processes to solidify, invitations to extend as we work toward being ever more inclusive, times to listen more than talk—I would like to take a moment to name the most important, most foundational aspect of our communal life together: the congregation at Redeemer is committed to being a church community. 

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